The Warriors House is located in Saraphi area, about 20 minutes from Chiang Mai city centre, in a small Thai village, where life begins with the sunrise.

A place immersed in the silence of the nature, an excellent refuge from the modern life and its frenetic rhythms. A place to explore, where you can meditate and relax.

Open daily for Yoga and Muay Thai. Private and small group classes. The Warriors House offers scheduled Yoga, intensive courses, workshops and retreats with the possibility to create one tailored for you.


How many times have you been thinking of this? To step back from the stress and the modern society we live in. We did it but many times we did not answer correctly to the need, until we found this place. We are lost in the countryside, in a place where at night you can still look up and see the stars, listen to the silence and feel the energies. 

Ideated by Fabio and Paolina, from two very different backgrounds they came together with the same aim and desire. Fabio is a reporter who travelled around the world with his camera in order to tell stories about far away people and wars. Paolina comes from the luxury hospitality industry in London, where high standards came first. After living for a long time in Chiang Mai, the city started feeling too tight for them with its traffic and noise. They moved out – not too far away – in a small thai village surrounded by nature. Where Paolina manages The Warriors House.

Martial Arts and Muay Thai specifically are Fabio’s passions, practiced with Kru Chang, while Paolina is a Yoga instructor, and they believe that these two combined make for a better lifestyle. They consider yoga and muay thai not so much as a sport but spiritually.


In this era – which the ancient Hindu scriptures identify as Kali Yuga, or, in other words, the era of darkness in which we live, characterized by widespread spiritual ignorance -, the warrior within each one of us must come out with determination. To fight his inner and outer limits. To achieve his goals.

This is the first reason why we decided to call this “gym for the spirit”, The Warriors House. A place where you can take care of yourself, away from the modern chaos. Back to the past, to see a future. In contact with nature, rediscovering the simple things that all too often we have forgotten, distracted by the banalities of modernity.

In ancient times, the warriors used muay thai on the battlefield to defend the freedom of their people. Even today, thanks to their teachings, handed down for generations, the fighters of this noble martial art are considered warriors. In yoga, however, warriors are important asanas for concentration and personal growth.