Loy Krathong day: Yoga, Muay Thai and chilling

Celebrate with us the Loy Krathong!
Tuesday 12 November 2019

A day dedicated to ourselves, in contact with the energy of the nature and the full moon.

We will start at 15.00 with a yoga class taught by our teacher Paolina, learning the basic breathing techniques and relaxation. At 16.30 with Kru Chang we will do a Muay Thai lesson under the imposing coconut palms.

After the Yoga and Muay Thai classes we will light the fire to honor the moon, send the lanterns in the sky and float the krathongs in our lake, expressing desires and sending away all the negativity accumulated by the stressful modern society. Let’s stay together by the lake under the stars and enjoy the evening.

If you want to take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries, The Warriors House is the place to be!

15.00 / 16.30 – Yoga Class with Kru Paolina
16.30 / 18.00 – Muay Thai with Kru Chang
18.00 / 22.00 – Bonfire at the lake and chilling together

All inclusive: 900 thb
Only Muay Thai: 300 thb
Only Yoga: 300 thb
Bonfire at the lake and chilling together: 400 thb

Booking opened till Sunday 10 November 2019
Family discount contact us.

Reserve now and get in touch with us for more info!


Kru Chang is Thai and since he was a child he has studied this noble martial art, doing several fights in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Japan and then graduating in sports at the University of Bangkok. Owner of his own small camp, he taught Muay Thai in China and Japan, where he lived for a while.

Paolina is a yoga teacher specialised in anusaranga style, learned with kru Dutchi in Chiang Mai. During her yoga practice she likes to combine it with breath awareness and meditation. Depending on students, with no judgement, she creates powerful, playful and heartful sequences. An authentic teaching style centred on love and compassion. Paolina is reiki master and passionate about studying chakras alignment and rebalancing. She offers reiki infused yoga sessions, private or for small groups, meditation and yoga nidra to remove any blockages stored in the body. Intuitive, she adds the use of crystals and essential oils to the session, a great yin – yang time.

www.thewarriorshouse.com / thewarriorshousecnx@gmail.com / Line: 097.3532751

How to reach us:

After training, you can shower and change.
This day is suitable for all levels and even for those who want to try for the first time.