New moon, new beginning
Muay Thai & Yoga

New moon, new beginning
Muay Thai, Yoga and bonfire at the lake

Sunday 27th October

The New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. This is an excellent time to start invigorated, turning a new blank page.

This Sunday 27th October is in Scorpio and is very powerful, full of electricity. A great reason to start with spirit.

At The Warriors House we have organised an afternoon of Muay Thai and Yoga, ending with the lighting of the fire by the lake.

At 16.00 we will practice Muay Thai among the coconut trees with Kru Chang. It will be a training suitable for all levels. While at 18.00, after a tea break, we will practice Yoga and meditation with Kru Paolina.

At the end of the Yoga class we will move to the lake, where we will light the bonfire and where we can share our good intentions for this new beginning.

16.00 / 17.30: Muay Thay with Kru Chang
17.30 / 18.00: Relaxation and herbal tea
18.00 / 19.30: Yoga with Kru Paolina
19.30 / 20.30: Lighting of fire

All inclusive: 550 thb
Only Muay Thai: 300 thb
Only Yoga: 300 thb

Kru Chang is Thai and since he was a child he has studied this noble martial art, doing several fights in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Japan and then graduating in sports at the University of Bangkok. Owner of his own small gym, he taught Muay Thai in China and Japan, where he lived for a while.

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