The warrior art of Muay Thai originates in the ancient Kingdom of Siam.

As for the rest of martial arts, its origins are lost in a mysterious past of wars and raids.

The traditions of Muay Thai, passed orally over generations, date back to about two thousand years ago, at a time when Thai people were fighting frequently to affirm and defend their national unity in the area.

Muay Thai - The Warriors House

The discipline is known as “the art of eight weapons” or “the science of eight arts” because it allows you to use combinations of punches, kicks, elbows and knees. The human body, therefore, became the best weapon available to fight against enemies.

Despite the fact that Muay Thai has now become almost a sport, especially in the West, its mystical origins here in Thailand have not been lost. This martial art is certainly an important component of a society that lives on traditions and legends.

The origins of the Muay Thai rituals mix Buddhist and Animist traditions. Among these we can certainly find the Sak Yant – the sacred (and magical) Thai tattoos -, the amulets and all the rituals in honor of Kru – the Master -, the land of the Fathers and the school they belong to, which precede every fight.

That is why we think that practicing Muay Thai also means knowing how to understand and honour what the Thai culture has transmitted us over the centuries.

We don’t believe that Muay Thai is a sport. On the contrary, we believe that this martial art can help us to rise spiritually, making us better people than modern society often makes us.