Going back to the past means finding those values that are now lost. This was, from the beginning, the inspiration that led us to create The Warriors House. In other words, to follow up the words with concrete actions: a less hectic life, in symbiosis with nature, respectful of identities and traditions, a real vision of community and, therefore, also of solidarity, in search of that spirituality that is too often banalised by the world in which we live.

We started with a little dream. That of creating an island where we can live in a more genuine way, in contact with the Earth. Stopping for a moment to reflect on everything that today’s society is changing in our lives. Sometimes it was not easy, other times it was enough to light a fire and look at the stars in the sky to recharge. Those stars that we were no longer used to seeing, blinded by artificial lights.

Step by step, we rolled up our sleeves. We sweated and worked. Fought. Thanks to the daily practice of Yoga and Muay Thai we started to learn about ourselves, with our limits, to try to “ride the tiger“, just as Julius Evola teaches. A certainly difficult ambition, which tests us every day, but which gives us that vital lymph indispensable to improve ourselves and go further.

The path of The Warriors House has begun and is still very long. But as Lao Tzu reminds us, “every long journey starts with a first step”. In our structure, in what we like to call the “gym of the spirit”, we don’t just want to offer Yoga and Muay Thai classes, on the contrary, we want to put into practice all those things that pushed us to make this dream come true.

As we said at the beginning, one of our ambitions has always been to help those we feel close to our vision of life. That’s why we decided to start supporting, with our small possibilities, two Italian associations that work in this part of the world.

A school operated by “Popoli” in the Oo Kray Kee village, Karen State – Burma

The first is the Onlus Popoli, which since 2001 has been bringing concrete help to the Karen population, an ethnic group under attack by Burmese government troops for over seventy years, living in East Burma, near the border with Thailand. The second is Take Care Kids based in Pattaya, a foundation that since 2004 has been supporting children who are victims of violence and abuse.

Some of the children staying at “Take Care Kids” in Pattaya, Thailand

At The Warriors House we have already organized some days of Yoga and Muay Thai, devolving the entire collection to the two associations. Very small amounts, a drop of water in the middle of the ocean, but they gave a smile to the most unfortunate children. We want to keep doing it. Precisely for this reason, we will continue to promote initiatives periodically.

Help us to help them.

For info on these initiatives do not hesitate to contact us: