The art of Yin Yoga

A refreshener yoga practice, to slow down offering access to the body. Yin yoga is a more passive way to get into postures and the poses are held in between two minutes and half to six or even longer, up to twenty minutes each. It might look boring initially whenever we are used to Yang yoga exercises as Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga or any others active. For many can be not easy to understand the Yin process, it’s more a meditative state we encounter. Becoming more popular in the past years, the Yin practice is rebalancing and well needed to complete our lives.

There is no good or bad thinking here, it is a challenge, like everything flow with changes, we do in our daily life. Accepting and letting go, flowing with the natural energy. Yin and Yang are not the absolute, a concept of duality forming a whole. Both are chasing each other and one is the starting point of the other. This concept comes from the traditional Chinese medicine, used in the martial arts too, known as Taoism basics.

During the busy time we are used to rush, to think what is next, being at the present time enjoying the moment is more difficult as living mindfully. Yin practice allows to take a step back , embracing a moment of silence, noticing.

Many are the daily questions we are not able to answer, the head is full and more thoughts arise in between. The body become still, the breath is gentle and the mind become quiet. We make contact with our soul, there is no resistance in Yin yoga, we allow us to sink down as observers. We allow the gravity to make her job. With the eyes closed, we can see the heart, the breath, our emotions and feeling, all over around. Changing the perspective of the breathing, smiling at ourselves in an uncomfortable position is taking time, learning to accept things as they are.

Yin yoga is known also for removing stored energies, blockages and to get deeper into the mysofacial meridians, all the lines of connective tissue that run through out the body. The body will become stronger and more flexible, stretched.

Yin yoga has more great benefits, is a stress-free practice, adopted at any time during the day to take a break, to reset the mind. Ideal in the evening before bed time for a better sleep. After a working day or traveling where the Yang energy reached the peak.

To be brought in our everyday lifestyle, for a balanced body, mind and spirit.

At The Warriors House we offer Yin yoga practice as first class when taking part to our yoga retreats in Chiang Mai. To reset before starting all the other yang practices. Yin yoga class is usually followed by Yoga Nidra, to deepen more into ourselves. Information are given with a sense of calmeness and the poses are shown with adjustments to take. Moving consciously from one asana to an other one with the right time.

The Breath

During the Yin class the breath is gentle, the inhaling is shorter than the exhales, the sound is soft like a calm ocean, and we are the listener. In some cases the exhale is made through the mouth to gently release more. From the top of our head, down to the toes, passing by the neck, relaxing the shoulders, the spine, buttocks and legs. The attention goes to that pain, to that stretch that might make feel us uncomfortable, breathing out we release the tension.

The Body

The body is going through a passive stretch, the movements are very slow and gentle with ourselves In most of the yoga poses the palms are facing up, allowing yourself to sink deeper down to the ground.

Small adjustments are given, some props like blankets and pillows can be added for the pose to relax more. The body unfold in the pose, rounds more naturally.

The Mind

Thoughts might arise at any time, and it is always a perfect time to observe without judging and coming back to the breath. The same can happen with noises, or feelings and sensations, we will blow them away with the exhale. The quiet mind will allow us to answer to our questions.